This is the story of a mother…


In 2014, Maureen Genty, Young mother and fashion enthusiast, gave birth to her first son. As she surfed the Internet for children’s shoes, she very soon realised that she wanted more than what the online boutiques had to offer. She told their nephew about his dream e-boutique: a trendy shoes that would offer the very best quality for their growth, which make shoes that are the best thing parents can do for their kids feet. Every mom love their kids and protect themselves from the top to the toes. And so, Miette was launched in 2017 with long research to reach best quality and trendy shoes. Design by qualified designer and made of high quality fabric.

Miette is footwear company that focus on toddler’s fashion and needs. Deliver trendy, comfortable, and flexible items to specially made shoes for toddler. We love good design. We love challenging ourselves to design shoes that are both stylish and good for kids. We love what the future holds for Miette and the children that grow up in them.

So we are, Focus on Fashion and comfort is what Miette doing to allow the small sweet things freely explore, imagine, & follow their instincts.

Miette Kids Shoes
Made by France